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TECHNICAL Consultations (CE and UKCA Marks):
  1. Information on which Directive(s)/Regulations your product has to comply with;
  2. Drawing up of the Declaration of Conformity (DoC);
  3. Compilation of the Technical Construction File (TCF) for your product(s):
    • Learn what is needed to do it yourself, or;
    • Contract us to do the TCF for you (digital TCFs only);
  4. Audit your TCF to determine if it complies to the requirements of the Directives.

Recommendations can be made on South African test facilities to use.
Note that while we are affiliated with iSert (Pty) Ltd, the choice of testing facility remains the prerogative of the client.

The Technical Construction File for South African exporters

The Technical Construction File consists of several items with the primary aim to provide proof of compliance to the relevant requirement...