The first four steps to make your New Year's resolutions work

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Did you have any New Year's resolutions at the start of 2017? If you did not why not? Has it been a question of having had them in the past and then nothing comes of it, and eventually you just gave up trying?
We all like to achieve something important. It makes us feel good about ourselves and often gives us the opportunity to help someone else do it for themselves. However, when we feel like a failure, it is not nice to share that with anyone, especially if there was no positive outcome as a result of it.
You can change that. You can achieve a goal that you set for yourself. It does not have to be a New Year's resolution. Alternatively, if it is, don't call it by that name. That name already creates an impression of failure in your mind, and the minds of anyone else you tell. Because everyone fails at those, don't they?
Technically, that is not true, but as far as general opinions go, it is probably not far off.

1. Put the power in your name

Instead of giving the power away, take it back - use your name. This is your goal, isn't it? So why call it something that is not you? So here is an example if you want to lose weight (like I do) - Lizette's weight-loss program. That's it. No funny or weird names or high falutin fancy words. Okay, I did that on purpose, but you get my point. Take the power of your goal into your own hands, make it yours. Call it by your name. Come on, say it out loud <your name>'s fitness program. It is yours. Not mine. Not your BFF's. Yours. Own it!

2. Feel the power of your game

We often make big decisions in an emotional state, instead of sitting down and working out what we need to do and thinking about the consequences before jumping in. Then again, once the decision is made we try to rationalise it away, or put ourselves down, even when it is going well. Especially when it is going well. You tell yourself it cannot last. Or it is a fluke and not going to happen again. Even worse, it was pure luck, and you do not deserve it.
So what happened to the emotions now? You did something good. You achieved the first step towards your goal - you should be jumping about with joy. Find a mirror and wiggle that booty when you lost that first kilogram.
Pull your arms up and celebrate that first muscle definition you worked so hard for.
Grin at yourself, whoop with joy when you finished that first chapter of your first novel.
Take a load of selfies and post them on your Facebook profile. Print them and put them on your bedroom wall, above the kettle in the kitchen, in a frame on your desk at work.

3. Feel the power of the first step

Exclaim at the power of the second step's completion.
Break out into a song when you make the tick mark next to number three.
Remember the pleasure of achievement, when you hit an obstacle. Point a finger at your mirror self, and remind yourself of all the hard work you have done up to now.
Page through the smiling and joyful selfies to remind your brain of that high.
This is your program. You own the power to make it happen. Feel the power when it happens, it will make you happier.

4. Share the power; it makes you stronger

Making a major change in your life, even if you do it in small steps, can be very hard. This would be the time to phone a friend. However, pick the friend with care. Pick someone who wants you to succeed. Too often our friends want us to fail, to make them feel better about themselves. Those are not the friends you want on this journey with you.
Maybe this friend also wants to do something to make his or her life better. Share your programs, and your goals. If you are not on the same program, make a point to understand what it is the other person wants to achieve. Show your steps to each other. Explain how you will measure your progress. Agree on how you are going to celebrate the success at each step.
A true friend will be your strength, as you will be for them. Not all steps are completed as you want, and sometimes a setback happens. Take a deep breath. Share your feelings about the setback. Listen to yourself and see the true reasons for the setback.
Let your friend support you but in a positive manner. Always. No binge ice cream eating if you are on a weight-loss program. No getting drunk if the novel is rejected by a publisher. Positive support. Positive feedback to each other to keep going.
Be the friend you need, and together you will be stronger. It will increase your chances of being the achiever you want yourself to be. Let's face it a party is just so much more fun if you have someone to share it with.

Don't wait until the New Year's celebrations ring in your ears.

Decide now to take the power into your own hands.
Plan now for the positive rewards you will enjoy at each step.
Take the journey with a true friend; it will be the best part of the road to your success in 2018.

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