Invitation: Take your Journal to the Next Level with me

tree of life drawing, colour drawing, brush pen drawing
A drawing from my journal
I have been a journal writer for many years. More than 30 years to be honest. In this time I have gone through the teenage angst of finding out who I am, through my twenties of who I want to be, then my thirties and now my forties where my journal entries have taken another interesting turn.
Of course, the person I am have not changed over the years, or have I? When I go back in time, I know that I have grown up. I have learned to accept who I am and understand where I can still go. I have come to learn that I love learning new things which include exploring and experimenting with different kinds of journal entries. And a result of this (still ongoing) process I decided to formulate my journey in a new book. The working title is Take your Journal to the Next Level.
My worldview has expanded as I grew older, and I believe so has the way I have written in my journal. So I am writing the book with all the knowledge and insight of my journal writing experience to share with you. Over the next weeks and months, I would love to share with you some of those insights and invite you to share your own experiences on the way.
If you are new to journal writing or have been doing so for years, I invite you to Take your Journal to the Next Level with me.
PS: As a fiction writer I simply sit down to write my stories, with the minimum preparation around the content of the story; I am primarily a pantser. However, when it comes to writing non-fiction, my project manager persona throws her weight around and insists on a more structured approach. So I listened to that inner voice and drew up a project plan for the book, and if all goes according to that plan, the book will be ready for release in early 2019.

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