Life is back to normal...I think

  Since returning home from our trip to Scotland, I can only claim that things have returned to normal. Well, after I took my break that is.
Francois and I doing the selfie
thing in Glasgow 😀
  Normal is not a bad thing, but I am concerned about that comfort zone where fear is holding me back from doing the things I really want to achieve. So, after completing the formatting of three books for printing (one will be reprinted for the third time), I am ready to face my main challenge again: me.
  My path of personal growth was put on hold for the trip, but now it is time to focus on that once more. I have restarted my meditation sessions, and am also reading and studying more about the process. Hopefully, I will make more progress if I work at it with more discipline and dedication.
That is all for this week.

May your week be happy and calm.


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