Revealing a few rabbits: my goals, my life, my future

Photo by Sandrachile . on Unsplash
This is not the end of the road, only the end of the year. Well, almost. Unlike the other posts about Life Balance, this one is more personal. I am going to tell you about my goals, and my life balance. So far. It is a journey after all, and a road that winds through the sands of time as we each make our way to our final destinations, whatever that may be for you and me.
So let me open the hat and shake out some of my rabbits:
1. I am just a few thousand words short of my word count target for this year, and will in all probability achieve that before Christmas arrives.
2. I have published two books this year, and if all goes to plan, number 23 will be available right about the end of January 2019.
3. I handed in my notice this past week, and will from now be self-employed once more. I won't say I am not nervous, but I have faith that this new road is the one for me and my professional life from now on.
4. Only a few days ago I celebrated my 50th birthday. To many of you, it might sound like a lifetime, and for many others like I was only born yesterday. Whichever way your thoughts may go, I am grateful for all the things I have achieved, all the people I have met, and for all the mercy God has bestowed upon me in this life. No, it is not over, and I don't for one moment plan to slow down (only change direction), but I have learned that a few minutes of reflection every day brings clarity and focus on the important things in this life.
5. The last point on my list today, concerns my husband of nearly 25 years. A journey like mine could have happened without him, but it would not have been so memorable, and joyful without a supportive spouse. Thank you for the wonderful birthday surprise weekend (he managed to plot with friends and family and keep it quiet for six months!) and all the lovely gifts that you showered me with this year. But it is our life together - past, present and whatever the future may hold - that is the reason that I love you.
Francois and I at my birthday breakfast - with friends
(photo by Phenice Rothman)
My list is not complete and nor it is all love and roses, but for now, I wish to celebrate the positives of this year. Next week, I will talk about the things that did not go right, and how I can work to turn those around from the lessons I have learned.
If your list is also like mine, good and not so good, then now is the time to reflect on the lessons we have learned. It will also be an excellent time to contemplate taking the lessons from the goals achieved and using those to apply to the not-achieved goals of the past year.
And when you make that list and assess those goals to achieve balance in your life, do give some thought to things that you put effort into (whether you failed or succeeded) on whether they were indeed the things you should have chased this past year.
Until our next visit, be kind to yourself.
💜 Lizette

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